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Politecnico di Torino offers you an array of opportunities and services to improve your university experience: 

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Orientation Services

You are about to graduate from high school and you need to start thinking about your future: choosing the right academic path, fulfilling your expectations, reflecting on your interests and potential…The staff of our Orientation Office is available to help you. Get in touch with us! 

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Engineering: a job for women 

Are there jobs for women and jobs for men? Are there degree programmes that are more suitable for one gender or the other? 

WeAreHERe is the initiative of Politecnico di Torino that encourages girls to enrol in STEM degree programmes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). WeAreHERe seeks to fight certain gender stereotypes that still influence girls in the choice of a study path that has been traditionally considered "for men". 

Nowadays, only three out of ten female students choose STEM educational paths, even though they are the academic programmes that offer more job opportunities. 

The project is based on the awareness that future women in science need role models. PoliTO current female students are ready to guide their newly enrolled female peers – as well as female high school students who are still undecided - by offering their experience and enthusiasm and by presenting the activities and support tools offered by our University. 

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Special Needs

Studying what you passionate about, nurturing your interests, turning them into strengths on which you can build a solid future: these are the prerequisites for academic success for everyone and especially for students with specific learning disorders (DSA) or disabilities! Cutting-edge technologies and teaching methods are part of PoliTO educational model and make it a "naturally inclusive" university.

The Special Needs Unit of Politecnico di Torino supports students with DSA or disabilities throughout their educational path, staring from the admission test. If you are a student with DSA or disabilities, you can get extra time and additional compensatory measures to take the test. After your enrolment at PoliTO, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better, to understand what you actually need and to build your study plan together. On our website (click here) you will find more information about who we are, how we work, what we can offer you! Get in touch with us through the Ticketing Assistance Service.

Right to Education and Tuition fees

Politecnico believes in the importance of offering benefits, facilities and services to its students to help them through their academic path. 

The most important initiatives in this field are: 

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University Language Centre (CLA)

At the University Language Centre (CLA), all students and members of our academic community have the opportunity to practice and improve foreign languages. 

As far as the English language is concerned, the CLA offers the possibility of attaining IELTS. This test is accepted internationally as evidence of competence in English. Its Academic version contains subject matter and tasks suitable for university students. Our native-speaker Language Experts can help you prepare for IELTS through tutorials, on-line consultation and guidance for self-study. Specific activities are available for students with learning disorders (DSA) and disabilities. 

As far as the Italian language is concerned, the CLA organizes Italian language courses that will help you prepare for the PLIDA, an internationally recognized Italian language certificate for foreign learners. 

The CLA also organizes courses of other foreign languages (Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish...) and self-study courses for students who take part in mobility projects abroad. 

Last but not least, at the CLA you can consult and borrow language books, such as grammar books or practice tests books. 

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Housing opportunities

If you are a non-resident student and you need accommodation in Torino, you can stay in one of the public university residences managed by EDISU (Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario) or in other private university dorms of our city. 

For international students taking part in a mobility project, Politecnico has made agreements with local operators to provide housing services. You will be able to take advantage of a priority reservation, for a limited period of time, in some private university residences while the other students will be able to freely consult housing opportunities on specific portals. 

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Career Services – Entering the world of work

Politecnico di Torino offers many services to help students and graduates connect with the labour market. Every year the University organizes events and initiatives (both online and in-person) to support students in their job search: an online bulletin board with thousands of internship and job offers, corporate recruitment events, training courses on soft skills, workshops on effective job search and application. Every semester Politecnico organizes job fairs where students and graduates meet both large companies and medium and small enterprises in order to start curricular and post-graduate internships with them or be hired for a job. 

The first professional experiences for students are part of the curriculum of PoliTO degree programmes: every year the University offers more than 3 thousand internships that students can do during their studies or after graduation, at institutions, companies and professional firms that are partners of our University. 

Our data (Almalaurea 2019) confirm that almost 90% of PoliTO Master's graduates are employed one year after graduation. They also have better employment contracts and higher salaries than the average of Italian graduates. 

Starting from a.y. 2020/21 Politecnico is going to promote more events (including online events) for our community of students and partner employers. They will work together to build new scenarios and understand current labor market trends. 

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International students 

If you are a student with a foreign qualification, you will find more information on the admission requirements and procedures on the international student website.

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Discover all the opportunities for international students to get financial aid and scholarships. 

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Big challenges

From A.Y. 2021/22 Politecnico di Torino offers a new curricular course named Big Challenges: 6 “Big Challenges” that stem from the idea of addressing current ethical, political and social challenges. They aim to encourage new multidisciplinary research for a stronger impact on society and the territory. The catalogue includes 24 courses organized in 6 thematic areas (climate, mobility, digital world, health, energy, humans and technologies). These courses are co-taught by two professors (one with a "technical" background and one with a background in human sciences).

The course structure is the following:

International mobility

Studying at a foreign university is an opportunity not to be missed. The approximately 1000 PoliTO students per year who decide to study abroad for at least one semester are well aware of this. 

You too can participate in the Erasmus Programme or in other student mobility programmes! You will enrich your cultural background by putting yourself to the test in a university system other than the Italian one. 

You will meet students from all over the world and make your curriculum truly international. Politecnico has mobility agreements with the most prestigious universities in Europe and all over the world. 

You will be able to choose the partner university where you wish to spend a period of study, attending courses or preparing your thesis. The list of destinations varies according to the Bachelor’s degree programme you will choose. 

You can also follow a specific path of excellence at selected partner universities to attain a Double Degree. You will have an integrated study plan and you will spend alternated periods of study at Politecnico and at the foreign institution. At the end of the path, you will earn a degree from each university. 

Politecnico provides special scholarships to support international mobility. 

For more information visit the pages of the University website dedicated to "Outgoing Mobility", where you will find the calls for applications for international mobility and for scholarships. 

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Intraprendenti project

In a.y. 2014/15 Politecnico di Torino launched a special project called "Young Talents Project" to nurture the talents and develop the potential of its most deserving students. 

Over the years, the Young Talents Project has been a field of experimentation for educational innovation (in line with the objectives of the Strategic Plan 2018-2024 "PoliTO 4 Impact"). In a.y. 2020/21 the project was renamed “INTRAPRENDENTI - Pathway for Engineers, Architects, Planners, Innovative Designers”. It is a three-year highly innovative educational path which runs parallel to the traditional course of study. 

The INTRAPRENDENTI project targets 200 students of the Engineering area* and 40 students of the Architecture Area (Architecture/Architecture, Territorial, Urban and Landscape Planning and Design and Communication) chosen for their academic merit. 

The students who take part in this project are included in multidisciplinary teams where they take part in activities that allow them to develop problem-solving skills and soft skills. These skills are useful to connect with the rest of the group and to work in complex organizational and inter-organizational environments. The culture of sustainability is also an integral part of this training path. 

The most important training benefits of the project are the following: 

The project has a three-year duration. Students are periodically assessed to ascertain if they meet the merit requirements to be confirmed as project participants. 

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Except for students of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Industrial Production and students of the Professional Bachelor’s degree programme in Industrial Manufacturing Technologies 

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Alta Scuola Politecnica

The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) promotes a two-year programme which runs parallel to the Master's degree programme. It is organized in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano. The programme targets talented students who are eager to broaden the horizon of their education and learn additional multidisciplinary contents. 

Every year the ASP programme trains a multidisciplinary class of 150 Italian and international students (90 PoliMI and 60 PoliTO) chosen from among the Master’s students of both universities. 

The goal is to develop a transversal design culture that complements the specialized technical education offered at Master's level with interdisciplinary skills and an experiential teaching method. 

The ASP programme offers four intensive and multidisciplinary Schools based on lectures and group work, with a strong emphasis on innovation, impact of technologies on society, complex systems, decision-making processes and current applications in which the previous elements are essential. 

The second pillar of the ASP programme is the opportunity for students to participate in multidisciplinary innovation and development projects in cooperation with companies, research centres or public dministrations, under the scientific guidance of professors from both universities. Finally, MOOCs and specialized seminars allow students to enrich their educational background on specific topics or to broaden their cultural horizons. 

At the end of the programme, students receive the ASP Diploma and become members of the ASP Alumni Association, which lives on beyond the programme itself. 

For more info didattica.polito.it/ASP e www.asp-poli.it

CLIK (Connection Lab & Innovation Kitchen)

Visit the CLIK website (Connection Lab & Innovation Kitchen) to learn more about this new teaching method. CLICK is the experimental teaching laboratory promoted by the Interdepartmental Technology Transfer Laboratory (LabTT). 

CLIK proposes a new teaching approach (non-frontal classes, multidisciplinary team work, final presentation pitch, demo day etc.) to foster cross-pollination between state-of-the-art research, students’ innovative ideas, different backgrounds, cutting-edge equipment and companies. Companies or students themselves can propose challenges that will be addressed by students with laboratory activities that foster the creation of start-up companies with a technological DNA. 



CHALLENGE@POLITO are real challenges in which students compete to find the most innovative idea. Students are grouped in multidisciplinary teams and look for new solutions that solve the challenges posed by companies and associations on real technological problems or issues related to industrial dynamics. The main objective of these challenges is to get students involved in learning experiences that help them connect with entrepreneurs. Usually students work in 5-6 multidisciplinary teams (about 30 students totally) and each team is made up of 5-6 students. 

To learn more about past Challenges developed by our students, visit our website 


Student Team

At Politecnico, students have the opportunity to join various Student Teams and Student Societies registered with the University. 

Members of Student Teams and Societies work together to create a project that allows them to boost cultural and technical skills. At the same time, it is also a great way to meet fellow students. 

Thanks to these activities, students take on the challenge of developing a project, which requires creativity and enthusiasm. It is a way to combine academic growth with personal growth. 

The groups are very heterogeneous: students belong to different degree programmes and come from many different countries. 

This melting pot of skills and knowledge represents an added value to the project. 

Student Teams

Student Societies 

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